A Girl Too Far

Notes on the song

I always like to try to record different genres. This is the Red Eye, Symphonic Rock / James Bond influenced soundtrack. I'm now just waiting for a James Bond film called 'A Girl Too Far' to be made, so the song can be added to it!

It is about a man who really needs a partner, but discovers that she is a girl that is, and goes, "too far" and makes his life really bad. But while she makes his life a misery and she is "A Girl Too Far", he still really needs company and a partner, so she is also "But a woman so near".

Being aimed at being a James Bond type soundtrack, it has several references to murder and death. And also the James Bond preferred Martini "Shaken not stirred", but in the lyrics, the man suffers and is "Shaken and Stirred".

The lyrics portray her as a powerful, emotional woman. I am particular proud of the line: "Like water she freezes much faster, when she is still hot". Scientists are still confused why hot water freezes faster than cold water. But that can also describe some people as well!

I spend a lot of time making sure that the singer fits the song. I tried many different singers with this song, so was really pleased to discover Dennis Demille. His powerful, emotional voice fits the song perfectly.

Of course, the situation described in the song does not just apply to men. Women also suffer from men that make their lives misery, both physically and mentally - as emotionally and accurately depicted in the Red Eye song Rhythm. But the lyrics "A boy too far, but a man so near" did not flow as well! But I did use the excellent female vocalist Heidi Vogel (who actually sung 'Rhythm') for the outro to help give the song balance and contrast.

You may download the song using this direct link or from the Download Music page.


1st Verse

Right, she said, but never wrote,
All your tears, won't float her boat.
You thought you'd won her, hook, line now sink,
Shoot and reload, there's no time to think.

1st Chorus

Oh you are,
A girl too far,
A girl too far.

2nd Verse

Hand to eye, then scream to sigh.
She files, her nails, watching you die.
Shaken and stirred, dazed and confused.
When you have nothing, you've nothing to lose.

2nd Chorus

Oh you are,
A girl too far,
But a woman so near.

Mid 8

Like water she freezes much faster,
When she is still hot.
You, you can't even get started,
While she can't be stopped.

3rd Verse

Time to kill, places to go.
Yet time, goes fast, and pain so slow.
You're a dead man running,
A crosshair display,
You don't believe, but you lie there and pray.

3rd Chorus

Oh you are,
A girl too far,
But a woman so near.


A woman so near,
Woman so near,
A girl too far.