Featured Vocalists

Heidi Vogel

Heidi Vogel

Heidi is an extremely accomplished singer, having worked with the following:

Cirque Du Soleil, The Cinematic Orchestra, the Jimmy Kimmel show live on USA's ABC, and '50 years of Dr Martens' celebration CD.

Heidi has been touring since 2005 from all over Europe to South Africa, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, USA, Brazil, the Middle East, and more, with The Cinematic Orchestra and also other live projects. She has performed headlining at many festivals, including The Big Chill, Blue Note Jazz Festival, and Vienna Jazz Festival.

Find out more at www.heidivogel.com.

Siobhan Heard

Siobhan Heard

Siobhan is a Texas-born singer who describes "an ache in her belly driving her towards music". She says that "Song and music are the two things that have consistently made me excited to wake-up everyday since I can remember. They inspire me when I'm down and hold me steady when I'm in danger of floating away..."

Further details of her work, and how to contact her, can be found at her website www.siobhanheard.com.

Brian Keele

Brian is a 24 year old aspiring country artist who has produced several covers and original songs, which can be found on his YouTube channel

He can be contacted by email at dude0wnt1@gmail.com