Thanks & Credits

Thanks & Credits

A big thanks to Heidi, Siobhan, Jenny G, Brian, Dennis DeMille and the Happy Freuds for their fantastic vocals. They are all amazing talents and all have wonderfully unique tones and inflections.

Many thanks to Nina for all her hard work and artistic flair in setting up and designing the original website and CD cover and artwork. She can be contacted at Salsadirect.

Also special thanks to Stephen Hoper for his highly efficient and effective ongoing development of the site, and for his work on my latest YouTube videos and channel.


There are a random, loosely connected selection of photos on the YouTube tracks, that are designed to provide some visual stimulation while the music plays. However, if there are any photographers who fancy an attempt at pulling together a further small selection of photos together based on the lyrics, please do get in touch via

Special thanks to Pro De In for allowing me to use their iconic photo of Moroccan immigrants at a golf course that inspired the track Moroccan Fruit. You can follow their Spanish blog here.

Thanks to Edward Leger for his great photo of Huey's statue. More of his photos can be found at his website

Huey Long

Impressed by the speeches, enthusiasm and ideas of the American politician Huey Long, I contacted his website and, in response to my email and copy of the song, had the honour of receiving a reply from Huey's great granddaughter. She noted that Huey would be pleased to know that his message resonates with a new generation. Please do visit the page on their site called Share Your Stories where the public is invited to share their views on Huey Long.

Red Eye Logo

The Red Eye logo is a drawing by the South African artist Johannes Meintjes, and the picture was found in a junk shop in South Africa. He was an interesting guy and his website is well worth a look at. Following contact with the website after the discovery that he was the artist, the portrait now appears in the 1948 section of his website's gallery.


All the tracks are downloadable for free by members of the Red Eye mailing list - but they are not for reproduction, distribution or use other than personal listening. However, there is a CD which is available by clicking here.