Everything But The Boy

Notes on the song lyrics

This is a narrative of an election where the good guy is hounded and ridiculed by a rampant right wing press and establishment, while the 'joke' is praised beyond his abilities and wins the election.

The inability of so many politicians to connect with us and appreciate the suffering so many are subject to - and often as a direct result of their decisions - is more relevant now than when I wrote the song. I tried to reflect this in the line 'I've seen them coming, I've seen them go, I've seen the misery they'll never know'.

They argue a day in politics is a long time, but 5 years is a lifetime under a oppressive or incompetent parliament. I have tried to point the finger at the voter without a conscience with the line '5 years cold and blue, another sentence and its all because of you'.

This song has a direct link with the track The Kingfish - Huey Long as he was vilified by the press and the establishment (one verbal attack is included in the track) and I feel sure that if he was alive today the attacks would be much the same as this song portrays.

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Everything but the boy,
Money, money,
It's everything but the boy,
Lordy, lordy.

They lied about the boy,
Lights go out on the boy,
There's a welcome for the boy, but in
Some other hillside.

I'm sorry, but it's too late for the boy.

Pushing the vote out,
On the hustings,
They're pushing the vote out,
And you're so trusting.

From soap box to soft soap,
Oh my God this man's a joke,
Now they're looking for the boy, but,
Nobody sees him.

They're sorry, but it's too late for the boy.

I've seen them coming,
I've seen them go,
I've seen the misery they'll never know,
Turn this page over and,
Start free again,
Find me a bottle and,
Find me a friend,
I've seen this coming with 20/20 vision.

Five years cold and blue,
Another sentence and it's all because of you,
I thought he was worth, his wait,
His wait in years, but it all ended in tears,
Though the message was quite clear,
Seems nobody's listening.

I'm sorry, but it's too late for the boy.
I'm sorry, but it's too late for the boy.


The track "Everything But The Boy" was Number 6 of the Women Of Substance Radio top tracks of 2012

The artist Ed Milligram has prepared an excellent re-mix of the track ('Red-eyed boi') with "added synth, bass and shine", which can be found on his SoundCloud site


"Oh Heidi, he's not worth it! Believe me. Get some gospel here ladies and gents, feel it in all your bones. Loving the organ too. #gimmetude"
All About Jazz

"I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this music - it has character in terms of the singer/singing, and the songwriting is genre perfect. It needs a jazz home now. Hopefully it's published and out there, being played in jazz clubs and on radio."
Dune coaching

"There's great stuff here, as well as great vocals by Heidi Vogel - who contributes a combination of Nina Simone, Sade and Adele in her voice. What is likeable at best is that the words are pretty much like poetry set to music that tell stories."
Spectra Jazz Records

Pop Up Music have listed the song as part of the Jazz recommendations, and added: "A smooth jazz track but with a melancholic vibe, performed by a female vocalist with a powerful haunting voice that brings presence to the lyrics that tell a story."