Fear of Loneliness

Notes on the song lyrics

This song is about the fear of loneliness, that affects so many of us so much, that we are more likely to compromise and accept many things that we would not normally put up with. The song is aimed at those that are willing to compromise on so many levels in order to gain a partner and avoid being alone. Those who are ready to suffer 'shame', 'blame' and 'pain', just to have 'the person who ensures no dignity remains' by their side, rather than no one at all. The fear of loneliness is perhaps in most of us, but the moral of the song might be that the worst form of loneliness is being with the wrong person... and you can find them 'in any town you choose'.

Because the 'Fear of Loneliness' affects men and women, for this song I thought that it was essential that there should be a male and female vocal version of the song. The male vocal version above features the vocals of Dennis DeMille, and the female version below features the vocals of Heidi Vogel. Both produce excellent and emotional vocals for a very emotional song.

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She would walk out flirting with her eyes,
Letting her skirt open showing off her thigh,
Those she slept with didn't even know her name,
But the fear of loneliness is greater than the fear of shame.

He would talk to anyone who would,
Show him some attention listen to his lies,
She knew he'd sleep with anyone the same,
But the fear of loneliness is greater than the fear of blame.

Some days I feel so lonely, I wish that I could die,
It ain't, it ain't you only that feels like this inside,
Your arms have got no strength to hold back that little hand,
But your arms will lock around that fear of loneliness inside.

You can find them in any town you choose,
Staring into space hoping they don't lose,
The partner who ensures no dignity remains,
But the fear of loneliness is greater than the fear of pain.