Notes on the song lyrics

This song was not unsurprisingly written while I was travelling around Cuba, a country where songs, singers and performers of all ages ooze from its pores. It is my attempt at a Cuban musical tune known as a 'son', and the lyrics are about the 'Red Top' tabloid newspapers in the UK. We have some excellent journalism in the UK, but the tabloids are tragic, irresponsible and totally biased - hence the 'I see red' line.

The lyrics were written when all the phone hacking by newspapers was in the news and the riots were kicking off across the country (hence 'A riot calls my name'). Together with my own anger at the tabloids, I had the idea of a strong, silent, maverick character - a kind of left-wing Clint Eastwood - stalking those responsible for the 'Blood that drips from pages' and applying rough justice.

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I see red every morning,
Against a blue tainted Sun,

Feel the rage within me,
Feel that pressure swell,
Stir and stir this cauldron,
I'm gonna get you,
I'm gonna give you hell.

I see blood that drips from pages,
A black ink that stains the mind.

Sunday's child is restless,
A riot calls my name,
An anger writhes within me,
I'm gonna find you,
Beat, beat you at your game.

I hear somebody call me,
But don't come when I'm called,
I don't understand distraction,
I live by the sword.
I only walk in the sunset,
My back sleeps to the wall,
I'm gonna die in anger, or not, not at all.

I see red from burning buildings,
As flames lick the blackened sky,

Feel the rage within me,
Feel the pressure swell,
Stir and stir this cauldron,
I said I'd find you,
Now I will give you hell.