Relationships Look Closer
in Rear View Mirrors

Notes on the song lyrics

I have always loved the film "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". I particularly like the idea that even if we are brain washed of the memory of a lover where the relationship has failed, there is a likelihood that we fall in love with them again. I expanded this to how we can brainwash ourselves of the misery of past relationships over time and blot out the bad times, much like vehicles can look closer in rear view mirrors, so can relationships and past lovers. No doubt this is why so many couples who have failed try again and again to make things work out.

I had a vivid image of love having to be sucked out of the memory to purify the mind again, hence the reference to leeches placed on a forehead. I also had the concept of reversing the time of a failed relationship so that all the good times appear at the end and the bad at the beginning. Consequently, your final memory of your partner is the first time you met - 'Our final memory is love at first sight, our final moment that sweet first kiss'.

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Out in the half light,
Under yellow hue,
Nothing now seems as before,
For the same reason, a battered wife returns,
I convince myself,
That things have changed.

My mind plays tricks on me,
Shuffles memory cards,
Deletes the pain and
Goes into spin.
Rose tinted glasses,
Shield my mind's eye,
My memories fade from black to gray.

Relationships look closer in rear view mirrors.

Bleed out of me,
Leave and set me free,
Place the leeches on my forehead,
Bleed out of me.

Let me cherry pick
In the warm sun,
And touch the ripe fruit,
Of the past,
Bring me a sip of,
Those claret lips again,
Smell your bouquet,
Drink you in.

From semi precious,
To cutting diamond,
From false pearl,
To this fool's gold.
I throw myself in,
Deep seas of memories,
But crystal blue sheen,
Distorts my eyes.

Relationships look closer in rear view mirrors.


Let me reverse time,
Start with this misery,
Now dark and distant,
These final days,
Our final memory,
Is love at first sight,
Our final moment,
That sweet first kiss.

Relationships look closer in rear view mirrors.

Bleed out of me,
Let the blood run free,
Place the leeches on my black heart,
Bleed out of me.


"Very well sung and the instrumentation is superb. There is so much emotion on this song which you don't hear nowadays. Really enjoyed the song."
EDA Music Radio

"This was one of the better tracks I received here at MusicXRay. The lyrics were exceptionally good, Heidi is phenomenal and the melody was sincere and heartbreaking. Really loved it."