The Cross

Notes on the song

The Cross is about the cross that people lay when they make a vote on a ballot paper. The lyrics are based on Charles Dicken's book The Christmas Carol, where spirits from the past, present and future visit Ebenezer Scrooge, an elderly miser. The spirits reveal the damage he had done to others and what damage he might do in the future. As a result of the visits by the spirits, Scrooge pledges to change his ways and treats everyone with kindness, generosity and compassion, embodying the spirit of Christmas.

The lyrics of the song use the same method of spirits revealing to someone the damage they had done and what they could do in the future, but with reference to how they had voted in elections, and how they might improve things if they "Vote for the people, not just for you". It is aimed at those who only think of themselves when they vote, and do not think of how their vote for a party, a person, or in a ballot, might impact on other people and society in general.

The message of the song is to encourage people to think of others when they vote and the effect that their "cross" on the ballot paper will have. Hence the lyrics in the song: "A spirit ... showed you, the damage done. The starving children, the homeless mum".

The song is released at the same time as people are laying their (Christmas) cross in an election in the UK. But voting for yourself and your own welfare and interest, and not thinking of others, is a worldwide problem; so I made the lyrics universal. Everyone in the world should think "before they lay the cross".

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1st Verse:

A spirit came down from Christmas past,
He said what you've done, would always last,
The pain inflicted, the misery,
Some think of others, you think "just me".
And then he showed you, the damage done,
The starving children, the homeless mum,
But you just lay there and counted cash,
Whatever happens, your life won't crash.

1st Chorus:

All was still, all was lost, because of where you laid the cross,
The years go by, the people die,
Because you thought your tax was high.

2nd Verse:

A spirit came from Christmas present,
You can be nasty, you can be pleasant,
It is your choice now, to help the poor,
The sick and lonely, those who need more,
And then he showed you, what you can do,
Vote for the people, not just for you,
But you just lay there, in paradise,
"Why should I help them"? you don't think twice.

2nd Chorus:

All was still, all was lost, because of where you laid the cross,
The years go by, the people die,
Because you thought your tax was high.

Mid 8:

Make your vote,
But lay your cross
With care... er

3rd Verse:

A future Christmas spirit revealed,
The future's unwritten, it's not all sealed.
You can change things, you have the force,
You have the power, to change the course.
And then he showed you, how things could be,
An equal world and no poverty,
You reflected, cried a tear,
Maybe next time, maybe next year,

3rd Chorus:

There is hope, all's not lost, remember when you lay your cross,
It's in your hands, it's in your heart,
Your cross is where the change can start.


The song was awarded number 60 of the Top 250 songs of 2019 by NBT Music Radio Station.

It was also Number 1 in the Number One Music website for Soul/Jazz music in the UK in July 2020 and Number 10 globally.

Music Gateway did an article on the song, "Meet Red Eye & Vote For The People", and mentioned that: "Red Eye are already making waves with their music, which is thought-provoking, and political ... It's not often a group put out something as thought-provoking as Red Eye are doing with 'The Cross'. Thus delivering a refreshing and considered new way of thinking that has the power to do amazing things!"

Voice ("a magazine and platform for young creatives covering arts, culture, politics and technology") did an interview with me about 'The Cross', with the heading "The protest song is alive and well, in no small part thanks to the work of Red Eye".

Graffiti Vibe also did an article on the song.

It also featured in the show 'Hey Kids Get Off My Lawn', produced by "...a holly jolly man who celebrates Christmas on a religious level, a secular level, and an esoteric level... in honour of the three levels of Christmas I give to you a three hour holiday special episode of Hey You Kids Get Off My Lawn... the show is anchored by the killer music".